With the kids set up for their first solo train trip to Cromer Mrs W and I decided to take ourselves off for a wander around the charity shops and antique emporia of Norwich unencumbered by complaining children.

As delved towards the back of Looses Antique Emporium I passed the pinball you see on these pages and fell in love! A dozen or more years ago we owned 3 wall mounted ‘Penny Machines’ of various sorts which we sold before we moved to Norfolk. Lately as I have embraced my second childhood in such a big way I have regretted their passing!

When I skillfully steered the missus past the machine later I was amazed when she said ‘I love it’ completely unprompted. One snag was that the machine had no price on. I enquired and it seemed almost affordable, but was told it didn’t work. A couple of haggles in the shop and a phone call to the dealer who owned it the next day meant that I now have another project on my hands!

2 days later I was sitting next to Lift and Shift Paul in his Luton van on the way home with the Bally strapped safely in the back. Despite my fears it fitted through the doors with 10mm to spare, so Black Jack sits in the conservatory waiting to come to life! I am eternally grateful to Paul for taking the heavy end. Pinballs are bloody heavy!

 Watch this space.....   (click on any image to enlarge)

1970’s Bally Black Jack Pinball

Bally Black Jack Backbox

Coin operation panel in Belgian Francs!

Stern MPU-100 Front

Stern MPU-100 Back

Corrosion affected area, Stern MPU-100 Front

With thanks to all the advice received from the guys at the starting point of the resto will be on the Stern MPU-100. Replacing the Ni-Cd with another remotely mounted and renewing the components affected by the alkali leakage from previous battery. Kit ordered from Ed at Great Plains Electronics in the US who has been very helpful.

Stern MPU-100 Front

1979/80 Bally Black Jack Pinball

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1939 genco airport pinball

More madness,

Take a look at our

1939 Genco Airport Pinball

The corrosion repair kit was very comprehensive, I went through and exposed as much of the PCB track as seemed to be affected, soldered in most of the components that seemed affected and replaced the U9 I.C supplied in the kit. I also removed the Solenoid driver board and replaced the two large capacitors as a precaution.

Two photo’s below of the ‘repaired’ area of the board and video of the result!

A definite improvement but not working yet .....back to the forums!

The big question....should there be a U1??