motorcycle posters

Motorcycle Posters

It all started at an early age, I come from a family of collectors and even though I was born in the ‘50’s most of my childhood reading material was pre war annuals sourced in secondhand bookshops.

As a teenager I sat with a pair of scissors chopping Guinness ads out of back issues of Readers Digest ....the rot had truly set in, a life marred by ephemera!

Against all the odds I married and had kids, but strangely never seem to come home from a shopping trip without a crumbling bit of brown paper or two. To me, the sign of a strong marriage is when your wife gives you 70’s knitting patterns for Christmas.

Endofthepier was born to celebrate these images from the 20th century, share them, and hopefully raise a smile ( and delay the day when somebody asks me why the house is subsiding under the weight of volumes of Practical Householder)

( Neither of these is me, but it is one of my favourite ‘finds’)

Classic Car Posters

Allwin Backflashes